Environmental policy

 Our company is in the business of installation and repair of water treatment plant, hydraulic and air compressor, gravel and crusher machine, and electric machinery. We think these services are closely related to the environment, and we would like to contribute to the continuous development of society with as few negative environmental impacts as possible.
 Moreover, we also think it is our human duty to hand over to the next generation a healthy global environment, so we aim for the realization of a rich environment.
Fundamental policy

1. Based on the result of our environment impact assessment, we establish environmental objectives and continue to improve our environmental management system. In addition, we strive for the preservation of the environment and the prevention of environmental pollution.
2. We are concern about the environment and we are active in saving energy and resources. Moreover, we encourage reducing, reusing, and recycling industrial wastes, as we actively promote a recycling-oriented society.
3. We comply with the law and ordinance related with environment conservation. If possible, we set a higher standard in a bid to improve the level of environmental conservation.
4. We conduct education and training in environmental preservation for members of our company and we employ an environment management system.
5. In order for all employees to deepen their awareness of industrial problems and to take concrete actions, we promote an information campaign not only to members of our company, but also subcontractors who work in our facilities.
6. Our environmental policy can be seen on our homepage
April 2, 2007
Daiwa-kiko corporation Ltd
President Osamu Sakai